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Abundant Spirituality + codependency recovery + inner child healing + Love = Joy2MeU is the Web Site of Spiritual Teacher, codependency counselor, inner child healing pioneer, and author, Robert Burney
and his company Joy to You & Me Enterprises.


On his site he shares over 200 pages of original content on codependency recovery, inner child healing, relationship dynamics, alcoholism/addiction, fear of intimacy, Twelve Step Spirituality, New Age Metaphysics, emotional abuse, setting boundaries, grief process, and much more. 
If you wish to explore his site, clicking on the buttons and links below will take you to it.
(For sites with Robert's work that are user friendly on mobile devices see midway down this page.)
5/24/18 News: Announcing a new mobile friendly website - with an updated Joy2MeU homepage and mobile friendly site index page - with links to over 170 of my articles on mobile friendly sites.

"I launched my first primitive site in February 1998, and my own domain in February of 1999.  My site, is a huge website (over 350 pages - of which about 250 are available to anyone with internet access) that people often have trouble navigating (kind of a labyrinth.)  The color scheme is also difficult for some people to read - and the style is far out of date in terms of website design (someone recently described it as looking like something from 1996.)

Some people love my site in it's vastness and labyrinth construction, others find it very irritating.  It would be a massive - and very expensive - undertaking to redesign the whole site.  That is one of the reasons for designing this Landing Site in June of 2013.  On the bottom part of this page are links to sites that contain most of my articles in a more up to date style that is also user friendly on your mobile devices.

There are 8 topic areas on the Joy2MeU site - each with it's own index page.

Codependence / codependency =  outer / external dependence =  The Human Condition

30 Pages on Codependence / Codependency.  Includes:



An innovative new level of Inner Child Healing for achieving Spiritual integration & emotional balance.  ​

35 pages that focus on the Process / emotional healing / integration / inner child Work.  Includes:


 ​It is so important to realize how we were set up to feel like failures in Romantic Relationships - to really get it on a gut level, so that we can forgive ourselves.  40 Pages focused on Romantic Relationships.  Includes:


​Bill Wilson would have run to an ACA or CoDA meeting where he could have found the roots of the depression which tormented him.

12 Pages on disease of alcoholism & 12 steps. Includes:



​We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience -  this is the polar opposite of the beliefs which underlie Civilization - it changes the whole game. 28 Pages on Robert's Spiritual Paradigm.  Includes:


A New Age has dawned in human consciousness. 17 Pages on Metaphysical aspects of belief system.  Includes:

​I wrote a monthly column/article - first for a local paper, then for a Recovery paper in Texas, then on the internet - for about 10 years. 

30 pages - Miscellaneous articles and columns.  Includes:

This is an index page of informational pages (as opposed to content - except for the ones that do have content, like the Update Newsletters and the preview issue of Joy2MeU Journal)  40 Informational pages + 57 Update Newsletter pages.  Includes:

Mobile Friendly


Mobile Friendly Sites with Robert's Writing
 Newer web sites are available that offer much of the material on in more up to date format. 
These sites are user friendly on mobile devices.








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