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Life Changing Telephone Counseling with Robert Burney

Telephone counseling (which I started offering in March 2000) has proven a powerful method for helping people implement the blueprint for inner child healing that I have developed.  This blueprint can be invaluable to people just starting the recovery / healing process, and is often the missing piece that people who have been healing for decades have been seeking.  What is unique about my approach is that all of the tools are brought together in a focused system for achieving integration and balance - and even someone who has a very good therapist right now, can still find it very beneficial to do some phone sessions with me to learn this approach.

What I do is not traditional counseling, it is more directive in that I am going to be teaching you how to own the power to change how you relate to your self, to life, and to other people by helping you to understand your own internal process from a new perspective and to learn how to set internal boundaries so that you can change your patterns and take power away from the old tapes and childhood wounds.  So, what I normally like to do is take the first 2 1/2 hours or so (a brief overview of what I cover in my day long Intensive Training workshop) to help you understand both the wounding and recovery process from a new perspective that will empower you to stop feeling like the victim of your own thoughts and own feelings and learn to set internal boundaries - during that time, I do most of the talking with you asking questions for clarity. After that you do most of the talking about your history, issues, and patterns and I help you to integrate the new perspective so that you can relate to your self with more compassion and love - and can start changing how to you relate to life and other people to a way that works better than the way you learned in childhood.

It is possible to get started with the purchase of an hour and a half initial session or a package of at least 3 one hour sessions.  The approach to the inner child healing that I talk about in my book Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light Book 1 Empowerment, Freedom, and Inner Peace through Inner Child Healing and on my web site is one I pioneered - and is not widely known yet.  The tools, techniques, and perspectives that I have combined in my blueprint for inner child healing are designed to empower people to start having a more Loving relationship with self - and the phone work has proven to be effective in helping people to do that in a matter of weeks.

The initial session is normally an hour and a half and costs $97.50.  The rates for sessions after the initial consultation range from $70.00 per hour price for a single hour session to rates of less than $55 an hour for package deals of multiple sessions.  When added to the cost of the phone call (what with such cheap long distance rates in effect now, can be $ .05 a minute or less - and this is true in many countries in Europe and Down Under also these days) still comes out to a very reasonable rate. (It is also possible now to use Skype to call for free from anywhere in the world.)  To find quality counseling anywhere for these kind of prices is an almost impossible task these days.  There are not many places to get counseling for less than $100 an hour - and $125 to $150 is probably more normal in many places.   So even at $70 per hour this is a real bargain.  And since my approach is focused on helping you transform your life into an easier, more enJoyable and Loving experience in a short period of time, this may be the greatest bargain you will ever encounter in this lifetime.

It is normally possible to set up the first session within a week or so.

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